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i absolutely adore your art style - the line weight makes it feel so grounded and combined with the shapes you use everything feels so energetic!

and the ending was a great kicker! great work to everyone on this team ^^


i have too many of one or two types of boxes and the only way to stop them from become infested is to shake them up (which is probably not proper handling)

how does he expect me to manage this place?


I spent way too long trying to 'win' the game. I feel like a couple of times I got pretty far, even though I am pretty sure there's only one outcome to this. Even still ...

The most amusing thing is some of the eye-boxes WILL walk right off the screen sometimes. Unfortunately if they don't walk far enough, they still count toward the ... ending, as it were. ;P

i very much doubt there is another ending, i got very far until i got completely overwhelmed.

I think those are ants haha, true though

there actually is an ending. i dont know how much i should spoil but,maybe, just maybe leave those boxes unattended a little. 

no fullscreen? D:


Great artstyle! bery uniqu

Pretty cool, love the atmosphere

pretty cool !

this game is awesome i want to know the music name  :)) i love the music is pretty chill


The music is an original song by fingerspit, you can check more of her incredible work at her bandcamp or spotify <3

thank you very much ♥ I really enjoy the game is amazing  :))

cute little game. good music, good graphics, pretty simple but with a nice message