Carcass is an upsetting recalling of events that have been genuinely traumatizing and humiliating with no attempt to make them palatable. The events described are real and unfiltered, interlinked with my thoughts and conclusions in an attempt to use this year's fxck capitalism game jam as an excuse to take a long minute and sit down with the memories of instances that, until now, were too distressing and I was too tired to try to reminisce about. Fuck that. This is a documented chunk of my healing process, immortalized into a zine that is uncomfortable to read.

If despite that you're going to read it, here's its content warnings:

  • Sexual abuse
  • Description of stress-induced hallucinations
  • Descriptions of explicit sex
  • Depiction of genitals
  • Blurred consent
  • Lack of consent
  • Suicidal thoughts

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AuthorIvan Papiol
Average sessionA few seconds
AccessibilityHigh-contrast, One button


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thank you so much for sharing this. hit home for me in many ways too ❤️

 (also, i too take some comfort in the fact that one of my homophobic exes didn't know he was fucking a boy lol)

Only recomendation for those who want to read: play noise music when you are reading it (tried Stereo Akuma by Merzbow)





I'm glad this was a healing experience and I hope you allow yourself a lot of grace because of the things you went through. Nonetheless, it sounds like speaking your truth freed you. Which means in the end you became your own hero for you past self. That's a wonderful thing! You know the value of speaking up and agency more than most right now because it.