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Just some doodles over the text of an entry on my notepad app.


Ever since I discovered the internet, I have been obsessed with zines. I've held on for years to a faint wish that I'd make thousands of zines one day since I was 11- but it has always been not yet because my zines "need to be super cool and if I start now I'll just make a lot of very uncool ones".

So what, that's such a lame way of justifying not doing fun stuff. Zines can't really be uncool (unless there's racism, lgbtfobia misogyny, etc in them), I thought so for every other zine that wasn't my zine. Why have I been so attached to the idea that every single thing that I share on the internet has to hold some sort of standard? 

It has taken me more than ten years to shake that off. I had fun for a day with this, and what was blocking me is (hopefully) no more. I wish this was a braver approach- but we can start from here.

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AuthorIvan Papiol


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That's as wondeful as your sketchbooks files. Thanks for sharing your thought in this zine but also in this page. It take you 10 years to be OK with fact that zines don't have to be perfects (btw they'll be for at least a few people; that's not easy to understand but yeah first projects can be the most difficult to begin and then release online). 10 years but I'm truly glad you did it!

Hope to see more of your art popping up in my feed

This was lovely, thanks for putting this on the internet. Sometimes the hardest part is starting. :)

I like your illustrations, they're very fun and cool. I can't put my exact thoughts into words but that's also what the text is all about, no?

That's kinda fun, the illustrations are epic but I couldn't be bothered to read the words,, sorry

Hahahah that's fair, reading is boring! 

this is such a beautiful and cool zine!!

Thanks!! ^w^)


made me think about a book by Dr. Harper I read and which changed my life, I hope maybe you'll like it too


omg I re-read my comment and it sounds like spam advertising. believe me it is not ^^'


This is a wonderful zine, I hope it unleashed a lot more and you come at peace with your inner saboteur !


Day by day! Thank you so much for your kind words ❤