Being in social spaces online feels like shit lately, and I wish it didn't. 
In this manifesto I've compiled thoughts and hot takes over how I think we should change our habits as internet dwellers, so that we can reclaim and rebuild safe, healthy online spaces where we can actually make genuine connections again. 

Hope this feels useful to someone else!

(edit:Click here for a just text version of the manifesto if you use a Screen Reader or if you need to change the size of the text)

Portuguese translation 
Spanish translation

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AuthorIvan Papiol


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This was a really interesting read, thank you for sharing this! I really think our current paradigm of online interaction between people is fundamentally anti-human. So much of our relationships with others happens over centralized platforms designed to extract attention and reorient intrests at any cost to adhere to amoral, automated social credit markets where everything we do or is done to us is largely inconsequential. It has now become a feature of these platforms that we measure our self worth in likes and have algorithms dictate our interests, much of the meaning we could invent ourselves in these spaces stripped out to drive existing coercive systems. Taking some power back by resisting the toxic habits they reinforce and thoughtfully engaging in our relationships with people and media is important for a healthy life and I’m really only starting to learn that for myself now. Take care of yourself and the people around you!

Ive found your art to always be really inspiring. Love what you're saying here and the self awareness and earnestness you tell it with. Thanks for posting this!


i've been turning these topics over in my mind so much the last few years; i imagine a lot of folks have.  thanks for taking the time get it in writing and getting it out. thanks for caring 💛


This was an insightful read <3 Thank you :D 


if you want to learn more about the harm of cancel culture, Contrapoints has a fantastic video about it. 


I am not "sponsored" I just really like the video


Such a nice manifesto


Great stuff, thanks for making this!


te como la boca


Enjoyed and related to this a lot, thank you!


True stuff

increíble como siempre <3




thank you for this


I like this quite a lot.


this is very good and very useful, thank you.